Rheebok Village Estate has shown tremendous growth in recent months and it is with great pride that we welcome all new residents to the estate. Visitors often compliment the architectural design of the houses and the rapid growth of the estate. A huge benefit to buyers is the fact that they can design their own house within the parameters of the applicable guidelines in co-operation with the appointed architect.

The electric security fence has been completed, which means that the entire Rheebok Village Estate is now contained within a security estate. Positive changes have been made to the gatehouse, making it more controlled and accessible. 24-hour security at the gate is provided by Niqua Security with a well-trained team with very good referrals. The estate is also patrolled at night. Residents have a panic code on their cell phones so that they can immediately call for security response and assistance. They can also use this code while they are on the road between Knysna and Mossel Bay to ask for roadside assistance if required. This is a free service that Niqua Security offers to all Rheebok Village Estate residents.

The RVE garden maintenance team ensures that the gardens outside the gate and the surrounding area within the estate are neatly maintained. A special mention has to be made of our own Nature Trail containing many different endangered species of plants and animals, bringing true appreciation for the area that we reside in.

Road R102 passing on the north side of the estate has recently been successfully upgraded and this enhances the accessibility to the estate.

Deliberations are underway with a fiber optic supplier about the installation of fibre optic cables in the estate.

The Developer thanks all the residents for their support and positive attitude with all the decisions made. We will continue to tackle all new challenges in a positive spirit.

The Developer

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